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UPDATE:  i've come back from china and successfully graduated with my degree in education!  my stay in chengdu was an amazing learning experience which lead me to want to take on my next teaching adventure -- south korea!  

any new donations will be used towards purchasing a one way ticket to Ulsan, South Korea, where i will begin teaching in august 2011!  

thank you for your continued support and belief in me!

Please tay tuned to my blog http://www.happytrails2u.tumblr.com for my latest adventures.


i'm janna gibson, in my last year at georgia state university in atlanta.  here's the situation:  the opportunity to teach in china for a portion of my student teaching next semester is here.  not many people are aware of this, but student teaching requires 40 hours of work with no pay and is necessary for graduation.  i have some loan money that will pay my rent and other utilities set to last until May 2011.  though this money is somewhat helpful during this time of student teaching, it is certainly not enough to get me to china.  i applied for a scholarship but december 2 found out i was not approved. here's where you come in.  the total cost is $2000.  however, if i can receive $1000 in donations, i will have enough money raised to have part of my student teaching take place in china!  if you believe in the power of numbers and want to support a worthy cause, please help me pursue this dream.  if I don't go, your donation will be returned no later than january 30th. 


contribute $2.00 and support a worthy cause. 

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