The Experimental School at Sichuan Normal University

The Early Childhood Education China Study Abroad program creates an exciting and in-depth cross-cultural experience that will allow American and Chinese students and teachers to learn from each other. A select group of GSU students participate in a 4-week cultural immersion experience in Sichuan Normal University  and its experimental school from K-12 (in Chengdu, China) through teaching English classes, learning Chinese language and culture, and visiting schools and historical and cultural sites.

Located in southwest China, Chengdu is the capital of "Heavenly State" (Sichuan), a natural habitat of giant pandas, and is richly endowed with natural resources, beautiful scenery, and historical sites (2,400 years of history). Two branches of the Yangtze River run across Chengdu - "a city that you will never want to leave."Participants will explore Chinese culture (geography, history, food, language, arts, people, traditions, etc.), teach English to Chinese students at schools, live with a Chinese host family to experience Chinese life more thoroughly, and collaborate on teaching and research with Chinese faculty and students.

Eligibility: The program is open to undergraduate and graduate students who meet all academic requirements of Georgia State University's College of Education.

Accommodations:  Students will reside with host families, located within walking distance of Sichuan Normal University and its experimental school.

Costs: Program fee $2,000*; regular Georgia State University tuition and fees, please see Tuition Rates plus other costs. 

Price includes: 
- housing and food at host family and school 
- international medical insurance 
- round-trip airfare 
- visa application 

Price does not include: 
- passport 
- personal expenses and excess baggage charge

GSU Course Overview:  The purpose of this course is to prepare pre-service teachers and graduate students for multicultural educational environments by promoting experiential knowledge and skills in international teacher education.  Through the study abroad program and this course, the students will be equipped with the essential tools needed to adapt to diverse educational systems both locally and internationally.  Additionally, through exposure to the overseas educational system it is hoped that participants will be able to relate more interactively with students from diverse racial, cultural, ethnic, and socio-economic backgrounds by providing culturally competent programming and activities what will enhance learning within comfortable settings.  Furthermore, this course will expand the opportunities fore pre-service teachers and graduate students to develop global perspectives and comparative knowledge of educational and cultural systems in other countries.

**information copied from the georgia state university website and from the course syllabus.